Donnerstag, 31. März 2016

Birch Wedding Cake

I love wedding cakes! I love the endless options you have for decorating them - the themes, the styles, the shapes - just everything about them! So picking one is a pretty challenging task with these endless options at hand.

As we went for a pretty rustic and casual wedding, the cake had to match that theme and I ended up with this simple birch tree design with soft pink ranunculus and peonies. Nothing too fancy.
I have seen beautiful birch cakes covered in fondant and I love the endless cake decorating options fondant gives you. However, I don't enjoy eating it and I have noticed that most people feel the same way. So I decided to use a white chocolate cream cheese frosting, gave it some texture using a spatula and accentuated these textures with darker frosting using a fine brush.

The venue for the reception was a beautiful, rustic yet elegant barn with a very warm and inviting atmosphere, which needs basically no decorations at all. So we just used some simple white and light pink flowers in different vases, and white candles on slabs of birch wood. Very simple but everything matched - the cake, the decorations, the bridal bouquet...

And here's a picture of the family ;-)

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